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All Star Activities was incorporated in 2012 after the team, primarily consisting of teachers and teaching assistants, had already successfully run the Bishops Activity Camp for a number of year's. The company developed to offer a range of childcare and leisure services including extending the holiday camp service to include all school holidays and running before/after school care. Keeping up to date with current trends has been very important and the company prides itself on investing in new equipment that give children the best variety and experience at a day camp. The introduction of specialist equipment such as laser tag, mini quads and archery tag has given the company scope to expend. In 2017 the All Star Activity Centre was launched on a 4 acre site just north of Sutton St Nicholas. The Activity Centre provides a base for the team to run birthday parties as well as a camping option for those attending the holiday camps. The team is excited to see what the coming years bring, especially as they move into offering more STEM options during the holiday camps and birthday packages.


On average 300 families use our camps every year, including those from overseas
Our laser tag system is the only non-gun laser tag system on the market, instead utilising an IronMan style look and touch screens
The staff routinely learn a new dance each holiday; with the camp playlist stretching well over a hour - that's a lot of dancing
Our Activity Camp holiday programme is so jam packed, there is only 45 minutes out of the 8 hour day that doesn't have an activity

Our Staff

Our staff are the most valuable part of All Stars; after all, they are the ones that are directly looking after your children. Most of our staff are either qualified, nearly qualified or aspiring teachers with the remaining being coaches or studying childcare courses.

We are always looking for our staff to demonstrate fun, engaging personalities with clear boundaries and a focus on safety. To this end we have comprehensive staff training in place as well as requiring all of our staff to hold a current DBS check, safeguarding certificate and complete a number of courses including fire training, food handling, PREVENT training, infection control and some staff will also have pediatric first aid qualifications.

Management Team

The management team at All Stars tend to be qualified teachers or those that have been with the company for a number of years. They have the experience of creating a fun atmosphere for the children, the oversight of camp safety, ensuring staff have the tools they need and being the link between the camp and our parents. One of the management team is who you will be dropping off your child with each morning.

With the extra responsibility of managing a camp, this team often carries additional qualifications, such as child mental health awareness and allergy awareness. The team meet to discuss camp improvements and will lead staff training sessions.

Early Years Team

The early years team are those that lead the Reception to Year 2 group with a specific focus on caring for those in Reception. As part of the early years team the staff have the additional responsibility to inform parents/carers of how their child is getting on at camp as this is often their first experience of being away from home during the holidays. Any concerns or praise are flagged to the camp manager and sometimes discussed with the child's class teacher.

Coaching Team

The coaching team are the members of staff who lead the majority of the sessions during the day. For consistency they tend to stay with a specific group throughout the week meaning they can build a great relationship with the group they are leading. It's always a great idea to show your child the staff that will be working with them; including some of their interests.

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