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This page focusses on all the questions you might have about the camp as well as our terms and conditions, cancellation policy and safeguarding procedures. If you would like more information about activities please click 'holiday camp' at the top of the page.

All Star camps have been developed over numerous years and gives participates a chance to get involved in activities they love and an opportunity to experience new ones. Our purpose is to ensure quality instruction, game play and fun which means your child will have a fantastic time and they'll be developing at the same time.

Loyalty schemes

Book early (usually 10 days prior to camp start) and your child/children will receive:

February - Drawstring bag

Easter - All Star Snap back

May - All Star Wristband

Summer - Personalised T

October - Drinks Bottle

For every 10 days you book with us, we'll give you £10 off your next booking.

Vouchers can be used at any time during the same year. One voucher per holiday camp. One voucher per family booking. Minimum booking of two days to apply discount.

OFSTED Registered and Childcare Voucher accepting Camp

Our Activity Camp based at St Paul's School is Ofsted registered. This means we can accept childcare vouchers to help parents with the cost of childcare, which we appreciate can mount up. If you don't have an employer scheme in place why not take a look at the governemnt scheme. For those using tax credits we are able to supply you with a statement of fees paid on headed paper to evidence your expenditure of childcare.

Ofsted registration number and address is: RP535114 All Stars at St Paul's, St Pauls Primary School, Hereford, HR1 1UX

Office address is: Knutsford, Bodenham, Hereford, HR1 3LD 

Sodexo details: 844074

Computershare details: 0023236016

Edenred details:  P21040144

Apple Childcare details: CA00011818

Fideliti details:

Governemnt scheme details:


Our Staff and Safety

All of our staff have been through an OFSTED approved recruitment process as well as holding a current and clean DBS check. After our staff have been recruited they all attend a full days training course with us as well as completing safeguarding training. Some of our staff hold food hygiene qualification and there will be at least one paediatric first aider with each group although most staff have emergency first aid or first aid at work. Our staff are usually all coaches or have or do work in education, either as teachers, trainee teachers or teaching assistants. We know that it can often be the staff that make or break a child's experience at camp so we make sure they are up to scratch!


To ensure every aspect of the camp is covered we have three Heads of Department, each with specific responsibilities. The Head of Guests looks after the children's medical and dietary needs, general welfare and all safeguarding matters - including drop off and collection. The Head of Activities ensures that all of our equipment is safe to use, sessions are well thought out and the groups have the space they need. Our Head of Experience makes sure all of the extras that make All Star Camps special are in place, from whole camp activities to the end of day presentation.


What's included?

All of the activities detailed in the holiday camp homepage are included in our programme although some are subject to equipment, weather and availability. This is inclusive of the bigger activities such as quad bikes, archery tag and the trips out. Any certificates or merchandise given out as prizes during the camps are also included. Water and/or squash is available throughout the day. We provide suncream when needed although it is recommended that your child brings their own.


Hours of operation and extras

The main camp runs with morning registration between 8.45am and 9.15am with collection at 4pm. The offer wrap around care which consists of breakfast club from 8.10am and stay late to 5.30pm. We also have a lunch option. Prices for each of these extras are detailed in the booking section of each camp.


Loyalty Scheme

We run a loyalty scheme which gives you the opportunity to receive a £10 off voucher for every 10 days booked with us. These don't need to be consecutive days but they do need to be within the same year. Once you're hit 10 days we'll deduct the £10 from your next booking, as long as it is a minimum of two days in length.

We also reward those who book in early with All Star merchandise, such as drawstring backs, drinks bottles and t-shirts. The cut off is usually 10 days prior to the start of the camp.


What's not included?

Other than the obvious things like clothes and footwear the main exclusions are a packed lunch and drinks bottle. Camping is an optional extra for those aged 7 and over. There is no need for your child to bring money.


Please note that some activities may not be suitable for every age group or child and we reserve the right to adapt or cancel activities if the necessary circumstances arise.


Booking and payment

To book a place with us simply fill out the relevant booking form using the links from your chosen camps menu. At the time of booking you will be asked for a £25, non-refundable*, deposit to secure this place. Your first correspondence will be a receipt of this booking. After that you'll receive the confirmation of dates and total balance (your £25 deposit is taken off the balance). This confirmation will give you the payment dates and any instalment options should you wish to pay in instalments. Our final correspondence pre-camp will give you the information specific to your camp including the staff working and contact details.

*If the camp were not to run or activities were significantly reduced we would refund the £25 deposit.


Last minute booking

We are limited to a certain number of participants per group and therefore we do get fully booked. When this happens the full dates are removed from the booking forms. If the date isn't on there - it's not available. We do not run a 'waiting list' but we do tweet and post about spaces that become available so make sure you're linked to us to get any updates.


Cancellation and sickness

It is possible to cancel your place with a refund (minus deposit) up until the payment date shown on your confirmation of dates and balance email (this date is typically a week before the start of the camp). After this written notification must be sent to our office one full day prior to any absence to be entitled to a refund. All refunds of this nature are subject to our offices discretion and are typically up to 50%.


Your belongings, Your responsibility

We endeavour to ensure all participants go home with what they come with but it doesn't always work out this way and therefore we ask that no high value items such as mobile phones are brought to our camp. Essentially if they are brought and subsequently lost there is nothing we can do. To make it easier for us we also ask that any typically removed clothing, such as coats, jumpers etc are labelled with your child's name.


Sign in and out

Parents or carers of those aged between 5 and 11 years old will need to sign their child out each day. This person also needs to be on our collection register and have the childs password. The password is submitted by you at the time of registering your child. You can be placed on the collection register by the lead parent/carer or by being added when booking is made or by using the password in conjunction with correspondence from a lead parent/carer if an emergency arises. Unfortunately we cannot release a child without knowing the collector, having a correct password and getting a signature.


Behaviour Management

The camp runs much more smoothly when all participants maintain an acceptable level of discipline. We try and encourage positive behaviour through our reward system. We also consider the reasons behind undesirable behaviour, such as attention seeking or the activity being too easy, and adapt to meet the needs of each individual while maintaining high standards. If bad or dangerous behaviour persists the Head of Guests will be informed and you may be contacted to discuss an action plan.


Anything else?

We've tried to cover most bases through the required information and frequently asked questions, however if you do have any questions please email


Useful Documents:


Complaints Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Behaviour Management

Uncollected Child Policy



What time can I drop my child off?

Normal morning registration is between 8.45am and 9.15am although with prior notification we can meet you for a later drop off time.

All camps have a breakfast drop off session meaning you can drop your child off any time after 8.10am.


Are you OFSTED registered?

Yes, we are on both the EYFS and childcare register. Our registration number is: RP535114.


Can I pay via childcare vouchers?

Yes, we have signed up to most schemes, including the government scheme, Sodexo, Computershare and Edenred. If you would like to pay via childcare vouchers please let us know at the time of booking and we'll send you the relevant codes.


Do I have to book for a certain number of days?

There is no stipulation of number of days you need to book other than the summer holiday Activity Camp which is a minimum of 2 days. These days do not need to be consectutive.


What does my child need?

To be prepared for lots of activities, so active wear is essential including trainers. It's also a good idea to pack a spare t-shirt as we often do messy activities if the weather is good. On certain days extra kit, like swimming costume and towel may be needed, all the information is available in the welcome email or by contacting us.

You'll also need to provide lunch if not booked in for lunch with us.


What does breakfast and lunch include?

Firstly, breakfast is all you can eat! We provide toast, cereal, crumpets and fresh fruit along with a selection of juices and hot drinks.

Lunch includes a sandwich with a different choice of fillings each day, a yoghurt, savoury snack, veg batons/tomatoes, fruit and chocolate bar. We usually give out the savoury snack for break.


What payment types do you accept?

Our preferred payment method is BACs and all the details are given on the balance email. Your initial deposit will be taken via PayPal. It is possible to pay by cash if booked extra days. We do not accept cheques.


My child has an additional need, can he attend?

We have and will continue to support all those that wish to attend the camp. Unfortunately we cannot provide one to one support but please contact us if you wish to discuss your options further.


What happens if my child doesn't want to do the activity?

Although we would prefer inclusion in all activities we do not force anyone to participate if they don't want to. Most of the time their are otpions for children to choose so they'll always be something they like but they are more than welcome to sit and watch the others until the activity is over - or they feel more confident in joining in - if neither option is something they want to do.


When will I receive our hoodie or drinks bottle order?

Your order will be ready to collect on your child's first day (subject to ordering in time).


What Clash of Colours team is my child on?

We work out teams each Tuesday after we have had a chance to assess everyone's ability. This means we can make each Friday as tight and well contested as possible. You will have an email notification on Tuesday and the teams will be available from Wednesday morning on the sign in desk.


My child has a medical need, do I need to do anything?

If your child has a uncommon medical need we may need to make up a specific medical plan, this includes anyone that may need something added to our Asthma Medical Plan for example. If your child takes any medication this will need to be recorded as we take possession of it and signed back to you at the end of the day. If your child self medicates we will still need to know. There are medical forms available each morning from the sing in desk.



                 Administering Medication Policy

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