Summer holidays (20th Jul-28th Aug) @

St Paul's Primary School, HR1 1UX and Holmer Academy, HR4 9RX

Coronavirus notice:

We have been working through the government guidance and our own risk assessment process to ensure we can operate safely. Regular customers will notice considerable changes, which we hope will only be temporary. We apologise if the changes inconvenience you, as they have us, but we owe it to our community to only operate in a manner that will protect each other.

Despite the changes we need to bring in to meet government guidance and our own risk assessment we are looking forward to delivering a fresh programme that takes each group through a week of fantastic activities. The changes we have made to this year are below with the wider rationale for the changes in an open letter at the bottom of the webpage.


The cost of a week with us is £97 per child. This includes all art and crafts materials, cooking equipment and ingredients, sports kit, larger activities such as laser tag and additional cleaning/PPE equipment.


Additional extras


Lunch is available at £2.50 per child per day

Drinks bottles can be purchased for £2.50 each



The camp opens at 8.10am with main activities starting at 9.10am

Main camp pick up is 4.00pm with additional time available until 5.00pm

We are using a bubble group system throughout the summer holidays. Please do not send your child to camp if they, or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms. Details of symptoms can be found out: HERE


The flexibility of having each child with us for the week means we can take into account the weather each day to maximise our activities. We are also ensuring there is a fantastic flow from each day to the next and making the most of being able to work on larger projects, especially in art and cookery that might take a couple of days to complete. We hope to have a timetable for the week up soon, along with some themes activities, but here is a taste of what you child will be doing during the week (age groups will be staggered and might have a slightly different day per activity).

We'll kick off the week meeting our group and group leader, after some sports action we'll dive into some art before using the afternoon to rip around the field on quad bikes and take each other on at dodgeball;

On Tuesday we'll start our larger art project before heading out for some laser tag, more sport and archery;

Wednesday will see us finishing our art project. We'll get into some sports in the afternoon and hopefully have a go on the slip and slide;

Thursday will see us getting the archery tag equipment out, competing in some sports and starting our cookery projects;

We'll be rounding Friday off with some epic games and competitions as well as finishing our cookery in anticipation of our Friday Fiesta!

A full list of sports and types of arts/crafts can be found on the main multi-activity camp page

Booking Process

Complete form and submit

Pay deposit via PayPal

Don't pay deposit if using Childcare vouchers

We'll send you a confirmation email (48hrs)

Pay balance by stated date (bank transfer or vouchers)

You're all sorted!

We are operating across two schools this year.

We have 15 spaces per group per week. Groups are split as Reception, Year 1 &2, Year 3&4 and Years 5,6&7.

Please contact us on for availability or complete the form below.


I hope this finds you and your family well. It’s been a strange past few months but hopefully we are now getting past the worst of it and we can find our way back to normality, even if we have to put some changes in place in the meantime. All Stars has been affected by the lockdown, the Easter and May holidays were cancelled, and we have not been able to have any parties at the Activity Centre. We are looking forward to being able to see everyone again over the summer holidays although it is going to be considerably different to usual. Below I explain what we’re doing and the rationale behind each change.

One of the biggest changes you’ll meet is that we are only allowing you to book by the week. This change massively reduces the flexibility we try to uphold but is vital in being able to keep bubble groups intact and reduce contacts. As an example, our average summer intake is 108 children per day, however we see an average of 219 children per week. Groups will stay together, with the same base and with the same members of staff, very similar to the school model.

Groups will be reduced to the current guidance levels; this means each group will have 15 children in it and these groups will be in school year groups (reception, year1&2, year 3&4 and years 5,6&7). A total of 60 places also means that we’ll be operating at 50% our usual capacity.

With three children I know how much they cost and I was concerned by how the decision to only operate by week would impact the cost to parents, especially if they only needed us for 3 or 4 days per week. Regular customers will see some sweeping changes to our pricing structure. Despite increased wage costs and still paying the same rent rates, which can’t be spread between our usual cohort, I have made the decision to reduce our price to a single rate of £97 per child per week and scrap our breakfast and stay late charges. This means that a parent with two children, that would usually use us for 4 days per week with breakfast and stay late will be paying an equivalent rate.

For parents/carers that use All Stars to break up the holidays for their child we are exploring the option of one day of activities at the Activity Centre, however with limited indoor space we would only be able to offer this as a fair weather option and therefore it should not be seen as cover for working parents. I hope to have worked details through by the end of June.

Our activities will also be affected, mainly by how effectively we can clean the equipment between group use. I have made plans for one member of staff to be solely on the premises for cleaning to ensure we can safely move around the building and use equipment, but even with this some activities will not be able to go ahead. Luckily, being with us for a week does open many other doors though; in particular larger art projects, such as clay modelling, and larger cookery project, such as dough or gingerbread (both of which ideally needing an overnight prove).

I hope it goes without saying that if anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms please do not send your child to us until you have self-isolated. It is also in the current guidance that children should not be put into different settings as this dramatically increases contacts. We hope to have eliminated this with our week booking but evening/weekend clubs shouldn’t be attended if your child is also with us.

If you have booked for the Easter, May or Summer holidays before lockdown then your balances/deposits will be transferred to your summer booking and we will contact you separately to make arrangements. However, with the holidays only six weeks away we will need to do this quickly to ensure getting the week/s you require.

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact me.